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Double Ply Yarns

Double Ply Yarns
12/2   Viskose  
20/2   Viskose  
24/2   Viskose  
28/2   Viskose  
36/2   Viskose  
28/2   Viskose Elastane  
40/2   Poliester  
60/2   Poliester  
24/2   Cotton Linen  
20/2   Viskose Linen  
28/2   Viskose Linen  
20/2   Trevira CS  
30/2   Trevira CS  




Maintain customer satisfaction and consistency by fulfilling customer needs and expectations



Renew and improve the quality of product and services by conducting the right duties at the right time, through the right methods



Retain a workforce continuously contributing to quality that is honored and pleased to be a part of this organization



Exist as an institution that is the Quality Leader of the industry

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